Call for Courseware Content

Providing courseware to support cybersecurity education in the Commonwealth

The Virginia Cyber Range needs great courseware modules to support cybersecurity education at Commonwealth high schools, colleges, and universities. We need help to build this courseware repository and to provide challenging, educational, hands-on labs and exercises for the range, taking advantage of the excellent course content that is already being used across the state.

We Need Help Building Our Courseware Repository

We will provide grants to eligible faculty* who repackage existing courseware modules or create new modules for use in the Virginia Cyber Range.  Grants for Cyber Range content will be offered based on the type of material provided and on the priority assigned by the Executive Committee.  ​​If approved and accepted, your content will be added to our Courseware Repository.  

For more information about courseware grants, including representative grant amounts, please contact

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What Kind of Content?

The range needs courseware for both technical and non-technical cybersecurity courses. Formats will be provided for syllabi, lesson plans, presentation slides, homework assignments, and hands-on exercises.

We prefer to accept content in the form of modules, three to six-lessons on a particular topic, preferably with associated hands-on labs, as we believe that this format will be most useful to educators that are looking for content for their classes. Other forms of content, from individual exercises to full courses, may also be accepted.

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Who Can Submit Content? 

*Eligibility is limited to faculty at Virginia K-12, colleges and universities.

How is My Content Licensed?

Accepted content will generally be licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons License. More information on creative commons licensing can be found at


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