Case Studies: Cybersecurity Law, Ethics, and Privacy

This lesson presents the student with several recent case studies on cybersecurity activities (national and international) and allows them to explore and discuss the legal, ethical and privacy considerations of each case.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify aspects of cyberspace that might give rise to ethical dilemmas and legal uncertainty
  • Examine the competing priorities that are often inherent in cyber-related scenarios
Case Studies: Cybersecurity Law, Ethics, and Privacy Lesson Plan

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* NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework KSAs Addressed
  • K0003: * Knowledge of national and international laws, regulations, policies, and ethics as they relate to cybersecurity.
  • K0351: Knowledge of all applicable statutes, laws, regulations and policies governing cyber targeting and exploitation.
  • K0524: Knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, policies.

* Most courseware content maps to NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF) Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) and/or NSA/DHS CAE Knowledge Units (KUs). For more information on KSAs and KUs, please visit: