Cyber Basics - Module 6: Teacher Resources

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This is the sixth and final module in the Cyber Basics course (aka GenCyber).  This module is a resource and reference for high school teachers (or other educators) using parts or all of the material from the Cyber Basics course.  These are tools and resources that can assist the teacher in getting students excited about and engaged in cyber education.  It discusses several topics to include starting a cybersecurity “hacking” club, cybersecurity competitions, getting guest speakers in the field of cybersecurity, Hacker Con events, the Maker Movement, and Hackerspaces.  Additionally, it provides a listing of various free online cybersecurity educational tools and resources suitable for use by high school teachers in their classrooms.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module, the teacher should be able to:

  • Understand how a “Hacking Club” (Cybersecurity Club) can motivate your students to learn about cyber and how to start such a club
  • Describe the various cybersecurity competitions that are available to your students
  • Examine other options for motivating student interest in cybersecurity, such as guest speakers and conference attendance
  • Recognize how the maker movement, hackerspaces, and other opportunities can encourage students’ hands-on exploration of technology
  • Evaluate various free online cybersecurity educational tools and resources for use in the classroom
Faculty Instructions

This module is designed for educators and it provides ideas for creating a robust extracurricular cybersecurity experience for K12 and college students. Getting students engaged early in cybersecurity is essential to closing the shortfall in cybersecurity professionals in the US, but many schools lack faculty with the expertise or background needed to get students started in this area. Generally and from experience, if you provide the spark and some initial encouragement and resources, students will catch on and run with it. Providing an organized extracurricular environment for students to participate in cybersecurity education and competitions also provides a venue for instilling ethical behavior in the participants; many of the tools and technologies used for cybersecurity necessitate sound ethical decision-making to encourage students not to use them in inappropriate ways.

The “Engaging students” content incudes ideas for starting a club and other ways to get students actively engaged in cybersecurity studies. The “online tools” content provides a list of resources, most of which are free, that teachers can use with their students (or students can experiment with themselves) to learn basic skills related to cybersecurity.

Module 6: Teacher Resources Description

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