EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference

Director David Raymond and Consulting Engineer Thomas "Tweeks" Weeks will run a workshop at EDUCAUSE, titled: "Using Capture the Flag for Cybersecurity Education and Training". Participants will get to learn about CTF competitions, how to host them, and how they can be leveraged in cybersecurity training and education.

AWS Public Sector Summit

The AWS Public Sector Summit features a keynote address highlighting the latest announcements and customer testimonials, technical sessions led by AWS engineers, and hands-on technical training.

GenCyber Camp for Secondary School Teachers

Virginia Tech will host a GenCyber computer and security training camp for secondary school teachers. This camp is for teachers from Virginia and other states who have been tasked with teaching cybersecurity curricula.Teachers will be trained in the principles of good cybersecurity practices and the science behind those practices so that they may both teach their students effective practices as well as motivate these students to study cybersecurity in further detail as they move into their chosen disciplines in colleges and universities.

AWS Re:Inforce

AWS:Reinforce is Amazon Web Services' conference focused on cloud security.

Cyber Education Discovery Forum

The Cyber Education Discovery Forum (CEDF) is a multi-day professional development event designed to address our growing national shortage of cyber professionals at its roots. We believe that the key to filling the cyber workforce shortage is to empower and equip K-12 educators as they prepare the next generation to thrive in the cyber workforce of tomorrow.