Full Time Positions

Instructional Content Coordinator

The Cyber Range is seeking a motivated and driven individual to serve as Instructional Content Coordinator. This position will be responsible for coordinating the development of materials and content for the Virginia Cyber Range Courseware Repository. A successful candidate will also manage a program that offers grants for courseware development to educators in Virginia Commonwealth high schools, community colleges, and universities. Additionally, this position will work closely with Virginia educators on design, development, and implementation of courses and modules to ensure content meets specified formats and standards, and that courseware is properly organized, tagged, and posted to the cyber range web portal.
Responsibilities will also include:
  • Assist in identifying, prioritizing, and soliciting appropriate content to support the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce
  • Helps to identify, prioritize, and solicit appropriate content to support the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, the NSA/DHS National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Education programs, Virginia Department of Education Cybersecurity Pathway courses (task/competencies), and any emerging cyber courseware frameworks
For more information or to apply please view the posting AP0190017 at


Part Time Positions

Cloud Architecture Engineering Intern

The operations team at the Cyber Range architects and maintains the cloud infrastructure used to run the Range. The team works closely with developers to set up new cloud environments, create new CI/CD pipelines, and launch cloud services to support new software.
We are looking for candidates who have experience in the following areas (not all are required): version control systems (GitLab, GitHub, etc.), Linux systems, TCP/IP networking, CI/CD pipelines, Python/Ansible, cloud hosting platforms (AWS, Azure, etc.).
Build Capture the Flag challenges for high school, college, and professional cybersecurity competitions!
Interested candidates can send resumes to with "Cloud Architecture Engineering Intern" in the subject line. 

Software Development Intern

We are looking for creative and passionate full-stack developers with experience in developing reactive web applications and/or building web APIs in a microservices based architecture.
Applicants should be familiar with version control systems, Node.js, OOP, and databases.
Experience with VueJS, Typescript, Docker, AWS, and standard testing frameworks (selenium, mocha, chai, etc), while not required, are preferred.
Interested candidates can send resumes to with "Software Development Intern" in the subject line.