Students gain hands-on cybersecurity education, experience with VA cyber range

To make the virtual exercise sustainable, Virginia universities opted to host the cyber range in the AWS cloud.


Virginia Cyber Range Serves up statewide hands-on education

Virginia Tech created the Virginia Cyber Range in September 2016 to help educators prepare tomorrow’s cybersecurity workforce. Working with other eight other public institutions across the commonwealth, the cyber range hosts modules for use in college courses, laboratory exercises and realistic tactical cybersecurity trials in an Amazon Web Services cloud.


Virginia Tech team awarded Virginia Cyber Cup

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe awarded the Virginia Cyber Cup to a student team from Virginia Tech at a reception on April 14 in Richmond, celebrating the inaugural Commonwealth Cyber Fusion Challenge.


Virginia's new 'cyber range' offers safe space for students to hone hacking skills

There’s a more prevalent homework assignment of a different kind on the horizon: hacking into computers. It comes courtesy of the new Virginia Cyber Range, which offers isolated servers and dummy machines set up for the educational purpose of being compromised.


Starting early, stressing teamwork key to building cybersecurity workforce, educators told

Preparing students for careers in cybersecurity is a “national security imperative,” former director of national intelligence James Clapper told educators in Roanoke.


Cybersecurity Education Heads to the Cloud in Virginia

The Virginia Cyber Range, created this fiscal year by Gov. Terry McAuliffe to be a national cybersecurity education resource, is moving to the cloud for closed-network excercises and courseware sharing.


Virginia Cyber Range names Amazon Web Services as preferred partner

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced on Wednesday a new strategic relationship between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Virginia Cyber Range that will expand the reach of the initiative and help make Virginia a national resource for cybersecurity education.

Governor McAuliffe Announces New Strategic Relationship With Amazon Web Services to Expand Cybersecurity Education

AWS will join the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Tech to support scalable cloud infrastructure and collaborate on cybersecurity educational efforts, enabling the Cyber Range with both content and a closed network for hands-on exercises, competitions, and other simulations.  – See more at:


Governor McAuliffe announced the launch of Cyber Vets Virginia

On Veteran’s Day 2016 Governor McAuliffe announced, the launch of Cyber Vets Virginia, an innovative new initiative to provide veterans with access to cyber security training opportunities and resources to help veterans enter the Virginia cyber security workforce.

Training Cyber Warriors in Virginia

The number of devices that are now connected to the Internet far exceeds the number of people on the planet.  And as Cyberspace grows, so do the legions of hackers looking for ways to break in.  Right now, it’s an A-symmetrical cyber war.  But as Robbie Harris reports, Virginia’s Governor has launched a plan to change that by training a new workforce for the growing field of cyber security.


Virginia Cyber Range to enhance cybersecurity education across the commonwealth

The Commonwealth of Virginia is taking an important step to develop the workforce needed to keep data and systems safe from cyber threats. Working with eight other public institutions of higher education across Virginia, Virginia Tech is leading an effort to create a state-of-the-art platform for cybersecurity education.


Governor Makes Push to Attract Cyber Security Firms to Virginia

The state of Virginia receives one cyber attack every four seconds meaning the state has withstood over 50 million attacks this year. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has launched an initiative called “Meet the Threat” to better protect state information systems and attract cybersecurity firms to Virginia.


Virginia governor signs budget, kicking off series of cybersecurity programs

With a new biennial budget finalized, Virginia is moving ahead with a series of cybersecurity programs, though many received only a fraction of the funding Gov. Terry McAuliffe was hoping to earn for the initiatives. McAuliffe signed the 2016-2018 budget into law late last month, and now his administration begins the work of using the funds that lawmakers set aside to either stand up or expand cyber-focused efforts across the state.


Virginia gov. plans nearly $22M in cyber investments through 2018

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is hoping to make a sizable investment in cybersecurity over the next two years, including nearly $22 million in planned investments in cyber programs in his new biennial budget proposal. McAuliffe’s budget, released to state lawmakers on Thursday, puts a special emphasis on cyber education efforts in Virginia, would dedicate more than $16.4 million to programs at the state’s higher education institutions and public schools.

McAuliffe to push for cybersecurity investments

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Wednesday that his two-year budget will include funding designed to boost Virginia’s cybersecurity industry. The governor’s proposals include development of a “cyber range” that will provide high school and college students a virtual platform to practice cyber skills. The range also will allow Virginia to provide training on cyber-attack detection and defense, develop certifications, conduct research and provide training for active duty military and veterans.

Governor McAuliffe Announces Funding for Key Cybersecurity Priorities in Next Biennial Budget

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that his two-year budget will include significant funding to boost Virginia’s cybersecurity industry through strategic educational investments. Governor McAuliffe made the announcement at the Commonwealth Conference on Cyber and Education at Northern Virginia Community College’s Woodbridge Campus.

Cyber Initiatives Included in the 2017-18 Budget Bill

Cyber Security is one of Governor McAuliffe’s top priorities and a key component of the New Virginia Economy. In order for Virginia to continue leading in this rapidly evolving space, we need to develop a sustainable talent pipeline capable of providing skilled, industry ready workers to meet this increasing demand. A recent report by the Business Higher Education Forum indicates that Virginia has the second highest concentration of cyber job postings behind California. Within the DC, Maryland, Virginia region, there were over 33,000 cyber security openings – over 17,000 in Virginia alone.