Employment Opportunities

SysOPS Engineer

The SysOps Engineer provides information technology support and administration for the Virginia Cyber Range and reports to the Network Architect. The successful candidate will have demonstrated knowledge and experience working with all aspects of system and networking administration, including but not limited to provisioning, installation/configuring, operation, and maintenance of both the systems and application stacks on infrastructure in a cloud-based environment. The SysOps Engineer will be primarily responsible for executing, testing, and rolling-out solutions to support the infrastructure of the Virginia Cyber Range, as well as infrastructure for individual exercises and scenarios in the Cloud. The SysOps Engineer is responsible for user account management and device management within the infrastructure, in addition to other duties as assigned

Cloud Application Developer

This position develops, maintains and supports software for the Virginia Cyber Range and reports to the Virginia Cyber Range Network Architect. The position requires a moderate to significant experience with JavaScript-based web programming, and experience using the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment. Experience with Linux Docker containers is also required. The successful candidate will apply specialized knowledge, concepts, practices, policies and procedures to the completion of projects ranging from simple to complex with the goal of completing projects to meet the needs and requirements of the Virginia Cyber Range. Work will require contact with users, managers, and other IT staff. The successful candidate must have the ability to communicate and interact with diverse clientele, a strong work ethic and organization skills to work independently with minimal supervision and adapt quickly to changing computer environments.

For questions about positions please contact opportunities@virginiacyberrange.org